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Oak stair treads and trim pieces

17 years ago

I have gotten two opinions on how to finish solid one piece oak stair treads (the risers will be painted). The first guy whose work I have seen and it looks good uses mitered returns on the open sides (which adds another piece) and puts an oak cove molding under the nose of the tread and between the tread and stringer. The 2nd guy whose work I plan to see bullnoses the end of the treads and does not use cove molding under the tread noses or between the tread and stringers. He says the other way is for people who are not as skilled as he and need molding to cover joints that don't fit properly. Any opinions or is this just a matter of what appearance you prefer?

Also my first step has a volute on one side. (This is an existing stair presently carpeted)The first guy will use a one piece volute and a mitered return on the other side. The 2nd guys says he will use more than 1 piece of oak as a base and then oak veneer the whole thing including right over the bullnose. My concern with that is the durability of the veneer and will the oak veneer have that plywood look to it because isn't all veneer rotary cut exaggerating the grain?

I would really appreciate some opinions because I don't know which way to go.

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