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Flickering Lights

15 years ago

Hi. I've a house built in 1941 that at some point had the fuse box replaced with a 90 amp circuit breaker panel. The original wiring, which used cloth for it's sheathing, was left in place but ignored as they put the more modern looking wiring in. DIY I'm pretty certain: when I purchased the place in 1988 I found the wall near the front door was often warm. The electrician who fixed it couldn't say what they had done, but the wall returned to normal once he was through with it.

I've had a problem with one of the bathroom lights flickering for years. Recently I started seeing the same thing with another ceiling light. Thought it might be due to an old circuit breaker so I replaced the old one. Now the problem is worse in that most if not all of the ceiling lights are flickering. ( all afflicted lights are on this one circuit ) And the 'brown out' dim mode is lasting 10-20 seconds instead of half a second at times.

I'd like to fix it myself if I feel I can, but don't know how to find the problem. The original offender's voltage stays pretty steady: 120.3-120.5... and does not shift quickly the way the lights do.

Any thoughts on how I can track the short without having to get into the attic and tracing it inch by inch?

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