Design Ideas for Medicine Cabinet, Pls?

13 years ago

My next project has to be my new medicine cabinet. It's about 22X14, beveled glass edge, no frame. I was thinking I just wanted to do a simple big pieces of glass design on one side or maybe around to leave most of the mirror uncovered. I have lots of beautiful opaque brown glass that I want to use. Don't want to take a chance on the glue showing through on big pieces. I have a grinder so I think I can get the pieces to fit together closely because I don't want to grout. That's as far as I can get. Can anyone help with a design or a place to get a design (didn't find anything at our library). Also, do I use GE11 since it will be on a mirror door that will be opened and closed? I look at nice's beautiful blue mirror but I didn't find what adhesive she used. Thanks for any help...

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