What type of mirror do you envision over my fireplace?

9 years ago

I don't usually advocate hanging a mirror over the mantel, but it looks like I'm about to do it! I prefer seeing artwork, but (1) just haven't found THE right thing, (2) I am trying to brighten up a relatively small, dark living room, and (3) I think the mirror will reflect the painting over the sofa, which I do love.

So I've been poking around and haven't quite found the mirror that makes me happy. The artwork that is there now is 24" x 36" and I'd like something a bit larger. The total space there is about 39 x 54. I have a couple of different metal finishes in the area -- black fireplace surround, and dark bronze-almost-black-but-really-brown sconces. Other lamps in the room match the metal of the wall sconces. Wood-wise, I also have a mix -- trim and mantel are mahogany, some furniture is dark oak, and I also have a lighter reclaimed-wood end table.

My initial thought was a metal framed mirror that has sort of a varied finish with both brownish and black tones. Nothing too ornate. This isn't a formal room. I plan to prop a couple of small (8x10, 5x7) framed photos on the mantel in front of the mirror, as well as probably a colorful vase.

So far I've looked online at the usual suspects: PB, RH, Overstock, Bellacor, Lamps Plus, Ballard, etc. Have also looked on Craigslist. I wouldn't mind something with a slightly Mission "flair" to it, but not a strictly Mission piece, if you know what I mean. We have two pieces of Stickley Mission furniture in this room, which was a hard decision for me because I am NOT a matchy-matchy sort. Adding a mirror that matches those two pieces might just push me over the edge. My style is fairly eclectic. In case you hadn't noticed; yeah, that's a rabbit mask from Venice hanging next to the TV.

Thoughts? Ideas? Places to look? Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of stores around here with great mirrors, so I may have to find something online.

I kinda like this mirror from PB but not sure it quite works with my mantel.

A pic of the fireplace in question:

Here is a link that might be useful: PB solano rectangular mirror

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