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Beadboard on porch ceiling - need construction ideas

17 years ago

Our porch is aprx 20 x 7, very plainly finished by the builder. At 10 yrs old, it needs a face lift, so I thought we could install beadboard.

Neither of us (wife nor I) is particulary strong. I get by with many projects and she assists when she can. Our teenage daughter also lends a shoulder when needed. But when we hefted these plywood sheets at HD, my wife said "no way"... she thinks we could incur injury if we tried to do this.

Well, she has a point, but I've got to believe there are tools/procedures whereby such things get done. I'd like to DIY to save money but also to get exactly what I want. I thought of making a 'pusher' using 2x4s bridged up top, and similar.

The ceiling is 9.5 feet high. The floor is brick. I am 5'8", she is barely over 5'.


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