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Toning down the red

9 years ago

Here I am again with another color question!

I've stripped and finished a bunch of 1979 oak cabinets. I gray washed then antiqued them, and I absolutely love them.

Now I'm working on some really gorgeous cherry cabinets that will go into the same space. I realize there is a significant grain difference. I've got the old finish stripped off and absolutely love the natural cherry -- except for the reddish, which comes out if I stain. So clear coating it is. :) But some remain too red. I'd love to "brown" them to be closer to the tone of my lovely oak. (Can't believe I'm saying that after despising the builder grade abomination done to oak!)

Color theory dictates I could add a tiny, tiny bit of green tint to the clear coat, which should translate into a brown.

Am I off base here, or is there a better idea?

I know most of you know the following and are probably tired of this, (So feel free to stop reading now!) but there's always someone ....

Before anyone has the (less than) brilliant quip of "buy matching cabinets," I'm rebuilding from a house fire alone, on a waitress income, and have picked these solid, beautiful cabinets up at reuse centers. Along with most of my building materials, actually. I don't have the luxury of "just" buying matching cabinets. I'm not concerned about matchy-matchy (thank goodness!) but would like the tones to be in keeping. So if that would be all you have to offer, please don't bother. If I could, I still probably wouldn't.

Thanks for your help!

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