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Pella Architect Series Versus? in PA $1535/window

15 years ago

Hello, and thank you for all the helpful information on this board.

I am replacing 9 windows on the second floor of our house. The inset opening would be 41.5 inches by 61.5 inches and the quote we received works out to be $1535 per window. This is the complete charge for all services with an inset install.

I am not looking for the cheapest window I can find. I am just looking for a high quality window at a fair price. I do not have a problem w/ the dealer/installer making a profit as everyone has to do this both to feed their family and also stay in business. Nonetheless, I do not wish to be "taken" either.

We plan on being in this house for another 20 years and the remainder of the house has amenities which are consistent with upper end homes (granite counter tops, wolf/subzero appliancnes etc).

We have always tried to research and price out any purchases to be informed consumers and I would appreciate any help or advice this board could provide.

Thank you.

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