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Bit and tips for drilling into stones

17 years ago

While this isn't wooodworking, I am hoping it's in the ballpark for this forum.

We want to make drawer pulls out of small, smooth riverstones. They are approx. 2" in diameter, some smaller, and approx. an inch in thickness, some thinner than that. We are thinking we are to drill partly into the stone, and attach a threaded shank to it, into which a screw is fastened from the inside of the door.

We have a heavy-duty vice, and plan to support each one in the vice by having it rest on a block of wood.

What kind of bit is used to drill stone? Any tips on speed or pressure? Water lubrication?

Also, any thoughts about what to use as a threaded shank to attach to each stone and how to attach the shank to the stone.

Is drilling necessary? Do they make epoxys to glue the shank to the rock without drilling?

Any information or assistance is greatly appreciated.



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