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Anyone familiar with Hi Mac Desert Sand Solid surface? Need help

11 years ago

I finally have a kitchen! BUT the kitchen is still missing its tile backsplash. I chose a solid surface contertop that seems so difficult to work with!! Others who have tried to help me agrees that it is hard to work with it.

The brand is Hi Mac and the color is desert sand. If you are familiar with this what tile color and style may work with this? Also I don't know if this is considered busy and I need to go a less busy splash or is busier ok. BUT I don't like real busy. I like smooth transaction of tile without it being jumpy and I don't like solid. I like depth at least. I would like the splash to be noticed. And to look beautiful with the red birch. And I want the tile to be darker than the upper cabinets instead of blending in with the uppers. I have a 2 tone kitchen. The uppers are a creamy white/yellow with a reddish/brown glaze and my lowers are red birch in light to med shade.

I thank you very much if you are able to give me any suggestion. I tried to take pictures but they just are not showing the real color of my countertop but the hi macs site does have a good picture of the color.

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