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Weathershield Windows- replacement Sash??

17 years ago


I built my house in 1989 with products that my father sold from a local lumber yard through Contactor Sales. I put in what I could afford at the time.

Back then I used all Weathershield Windows with Tilt Sash. Over time much of the weather stripping attached to bottom of sash has broken, and the Bulb Stripping on bottom of lower window is missing on a few. Have looked- but can't seem to find replacement.

Some of the Pivots on the side of Sash have broken, and some chips out of sides of sash too. Most all of the Double Hungs are all the same size, but two of the windows have been jointed together as doubles. I have a total of 14 of the same size- I want to say they were 32x20(glass size)- but not having measured lately...

Anyway- many are loose inside the jamb, and make noises in the windy conditions. A lot of noise seems to penetrate as well. I live at the very highest point in my city-not much around me for trees to break wind, so it is very windy around here(especially in winter- Mass). I have never had Storm Windows on these.

I want try replacement of the jambs and sashes- but wonder if I am limited to Weathershield, or can try other MFG's as well.

I know I can pull out my windows, and also pull out the plastic jambs from the sides... after that I am lost. I know window technology has improved a lot in 16 years- but what are my options?