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can you put pull chain on fluorescent light?

14 years ago

I have a lake house that has one of those old porcelain base light bulb sockets with a pull chain--it is always hot as it does not have a wall switch other than the pull chain.

I want to put up a 4 foot fluorescent 2 tube light in place of this. This light is in the small lake house kitchen above the sink.

I cannot find any 4' lights with a pull chain other than those at Lowe's or HD that are "SHOP" lights--I want one that is for a small lake house kitchen with a diffuser--not a shop light.

My question, can one of those pull chain switches from a shop light be installed in a standard 4 foot 2-tube fluorescent by drilling a hole out of the end of the fluorescent fixture for the switch to protrude?

Running a wire for a wall switch is out of the question. Do they make pull chain fluorescent tube lights with a pull chain that is NOT a "shop" light& NOT the small "under the cabinet" lights with a rocker switch--this will be on the ceiling and has to be a pull chain.

Thank you!

jeanie beth

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