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Glass mosaic bathroom tile for Calamity J...

16 years ago

This room was my introduction to the world of tile.

Little did I know I'd be getting so involved 2 years later.

This niche was the first to be done...took ALL day.

Got speedier as time went on.

The tub niche took awhile, and the ceiling also got "the treatment". The tile came in the usual square foot sections. Paperfaced, so I was working backwards kinda.

It took about 3 weeks, (with a few non-work days) to get the tile on the walls/ceiling as I could only work about 6 hours a day...doing about 8 square feet at a time. With the paperface you thinset it on then have to go back and wet the paper to remove, then fix any issues before it's set.

The limestone floor with glass inserts took about 12 hours

to do. Then grouted the next morning. I will definatly invest in knee pads if I ever have to do that again!

Seriously, it is a TON of hard work. But you come out of it knowing a lot about thinset and back pain etc.

AND I got a great wet saw and a laser level out of it...It's all good!


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