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Stained Trim and the Wall Joint

14 years ago

In all our home DIY years we've always painted the woodwork, except for the kitchen cabinets and the cabinet guy did that staining. Now we are replacing a double interior door with just an open jamb and casing opening. We are using Alder and have a stain that matches the stain in the Kitchen.

We've done many door and window trim sets in the past, but they've always been painted. With this stained doorway my question is what is usually done where the casing meets the wall. I understand, sort of, about filling the nail holes after staining and finishing with a color-matched wax stain stick, and we may even be able to use that product on the small gaps that may occur in our mitered corners on the casing.

But what about if there is a small gap between the casing and the wall? With paint we have our good old caulk, right? But I've been combing through the archives and do not see any mention of what people do at this particular joint. Is it just less picky with stained trim?

Also, if you could confirm the steps:

1. Sand, 2. Stain, 3. Apply Sanding Sealer, 4. Sand, 5. Wipe, 6. Poly Finish (or alternative), 7. Install, 8. Fill Nail Holes and Joints with color-matched wax crayon.

One more thing, (and thanks so much for sticking with me), when we tested the stain and finish on an 18" long piece of Alder 2 x 2, the piece bowed a significant 1/4 inch in the middle of that 18". Would it be taboo to sand, and then install, and then finish after install? It would make MY work tougher, since I'm the finisher, but would make DH less stressed out about his stock warping before it gets on the wall.

Thank you so much. Any information or assistance is greatly appreciated.

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