Replacement window - was the wrong size installed?

8 years ago

We recently purchased a 10-year old house with vinyl windows. One window was badly warped and din't operate properly, so yesterday we had it replaced with an aluminum Don Young window. I think the installers brought the wrong size window and tried to cover it up with extra trim. It also isn't hung square - the whole thing is slightly crooked. They're sending someone out today to look at it, but I fear they're just going to say this is how it's supposed to be. I'm hoping the more educated people here can help me get knowledgeable!

The opening is 46.75" x 58.5". The existing frame (not sure if that's the right term; but I mean the outer rim of the window) was very narrow, approximately 1/2".

The invoice says they replaced it with a 44" x 56" window. However, when I measure just the new window it is 41.5" wide. Then there's 2.25" - 2.75" of trim surrounding it (two layers, one that looks like a typical casement/frame for the window to rest in and then another wide, ribbed piece that looks like it's filling a gap). The trim goes from narrow to wider on the left side, and wider to narrower on the right.

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