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Anyone have new Anderson removable grilles? or other brand?

14 years ago

Well, I'm still searching for replacement windows. Never dreamed it would be this difficult. One problem I'm having is deciding on the grilles. I love the SDL look but am unwilling to clean all those corners on both sides of the glass. Don't really like the way between the glass ones look, unless someone can show/tell me how much they like theirs.

Our old windows are 30 yr old andersons, with the removable plastic grilles and grommets which, to be honest, I have always liked, despite the fact that they are a bit of a pita to get off and on. I've seen brands of windows (trimline and marvin) that have ridiculous push pins that cut into the sash and with big obvious plastic things on the grids themselves, that operate the push-pins. terrible design I think. Pella architect have snap on, with a little tack head thing on the sash....they are a bit better.

I may drive the hour plus to pittsburgh (yet again) to check out how the andersons do it. If anyone has new andersons....I'm interested in renewals or regular, not sure which....with removable grilles, can you tell me how they look/work? A close up pic would be so great too.

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