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marvin windows - old news

14 years ago

This is to share a few new and old research tidbits regarding Marvin Windows. It seems some new readers are posting comments without carefully researching all the facts and details. They are posting OLD as NEW, a common occurrence on the internet nowadays.

There was a class action suit against Marvin Windows that was settled way back in the late 90's. It had to do with rotting of wood windows manufactured between 1985 and 1989. It was not entirely Marvin's fault. A Federal Court found the preservative manufacturer at fault. The class action suit was then settled and all Marvin customers who experienced the rot problem could file for settlements by 9/30/2004.

We have owned AL-clad wood interior Marvin windows for five years, we have not seen any problems and hope to never see any. A friend of ours has a new house built with custom all wood (no clad) Marvin windows and doors and these are six or seven years old; no known problems. I have no stake in Marvin except as an owner and will want to know immediately if indeed there are known defects. If there are none, I wish to not be led on a merry-chase for no purpose.

I am a homeowner and an engineer and I value accurate information. When we do research on-line about a particular product, we need to read the info carefully and be objective about what we are reading and seeing. Until we are dead sure, there is no point rushing to post. No point spreading false information even if it is accidental and unintentional. It stirs up concerns and worries where there should be done. We are then NOT doing anyone any good by posting here.

Here are some links so you can all read for yourself regarding the class action suits:

A little research goes a long way. A little critical reading and thinking also saves a ton of angst.


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