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mahogany countertop finish

12 years ago

We are installing mahogany countertops in parts of our kitchen project -- a bar, a counter top, a rarely used lavatory. Not super high-use.

From the forums here, we decided that Waterlox is the way to go, and our contractor agrees. Our cabinetmaker found some gorgeous mahogany, and we feel that we need to 'honor' it.

Our first sample was gloss Waterlox, with no stain. Too shiny for our taste, and the wood is too light, though you can see the graining and -- I don't know the proper term -- the iridescence of the wood, which is beautiful....lots of depth to it.

We have just received a sample, with two coats of satin-finish Waterlox that was stained. The color looks, I guess, like some mahogany furniture we have, tho' maybe slightly more orange. The stain was added to the Waterlox.

I'm disappointed in it, tho' I'm not sure how to express it. The depth of the wood seems gone...that iridescent quality.

Any suggestions on what we should ask for? Is the problem in adding the stain to the WL?

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