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What color to make rosette & application question.

12 years ago

Carpet on the stairs is gone. I'll be painting the steps & railings this weekend. See the white rosette at the stairs?


Should I,

1. Leave it white to match the trim

2. Paint it the same color the railings will be

3. Paint it the wall color

Next question, after all the prep and priming, for the application I'm assuming I should paint the risers first but when I get to the treads should I do them all at once or every other. Obviously allowing proper dry time between coats.

Should I really wait a full month for the paint to cure before we use them? I'm using BIN shellac primer and SW floor paint. We DO have a door that leads outside in the basement so we don't actually need to use the stairs. We're still in the process of finishing the basement. Even if I can keep people off the steps it should be interesting to see how the cats do. Does anyone remember how Sylvester helped me paint my vanity? :)

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