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Installation cost of new construction vs. replacement?

10 years ago

We are what to expect as a cost difference on having new construction vs. replacement windows installed?

In our particular instance we have a 1950's brick clad ranch with the original wood double hung windows. Most rooms have single double hung windows, however there are two picture windows that are flanked on each end by a double hung, and one room with three double hungs ganged together in the opening. All the windows currently are trimmed out with aluminum flashing.

Our intent is to switch to casement for both appearance and funcationality with our window treatments. It time were not a concern I could easily install say Anderson 100 series to match the egress window I installed in the basement, but with Fall approaching and the larger picture windows it might be a bit much to do. If I were installing I would go with the new construction and eliminate the ugly flashing and trim out with composite.

As we get quotes, what should we expect, and what should we be looking for? Will I be able to find installers who will leave the windows untrimmed? If so is there an advantage to them to use new construction vs. replacment? If it helps we are in SE Michigan.

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