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How To Create an Entryway?

9 years ago

Here is my current design Dilemna. Any help would be appreciated.

I live in an apartment with an open kitchen dining room concept.
I'd love to create an entry area that is warm and inviting, and I wanted to do that by hanging art up on the wall, and putting a pretty little side table.

Problem #1
The door swings against the wall, so a side table isn't likely to work well unless it was incredibly narrow.

Problem #2
There is a radiator in the bottom half of the wall that defines the entry area before the dining room. I had a mat on the floor for shoes in this area, but it kept getting caught under the door.

Problem #3
I don't have many personal photographs, if any, and I have a limited amount of frames or artwork.

Problem #4
I'm beginning to think that I want to use that wall as an accent wall to bring some color into the kitchen. I was going to create a morrocan print with "glidden dusty gold" because I don't want the accent wall to clash with all of the white walls, but If I paint the whole room it may feel saturated. I'm also kind of stuck because the floors are bamboo and the trim is a darker wood tone (not allowed to paint the wood), so I dont know what color would work best. I could use the dusty gold in my living room, I haven't started that yet. I was thinking orange or turquoise or maybe grey as well.

I want to paint my front door "japanese kimono by behr" and since you can see in through the glass, I also didn't want it to clash.

I uploaded a picture of my front door and a picture of my dining room area, I'm looking to redesign the wall to the right. You can see the corner of the radiator in the picture with the closets. the area closer to the closets where the cardboard box is will be my dining area, and I wanted to hang a large piece of art over the table. How do you feel about rugs in a dining area?

Please dont hate me for being chatty :)

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