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Need help finding a tool.

Pooh Bear
17 years ago

Sometime a long time ago, about 1989, I bought a planer.

Saw it advertised in a magazine cheap.

Brand is Transpower. Came from somewhere in California.

It was an early version of the same cheap planers you see today in the box stores.

Except this one has worked flawlessly and seems to be well built.

The cutter head is too small for a regular knife setting guage.

It came with its own special little guage for setting the knives.

It was just a little half moon shaped piece of metal.

It fit the cutter head and set-screws brought the knife up in contact with the guage.

I have lost that little guage.

And I have no idea where the manual is.

The manual had a phone number I could call.

If I had the number I could call and see about getting a replacement guage.

Anyone know how I could go about getting a replacement guage tool.

The tool looks kinda like this. (best I could do in Paint.)


Pooh Bear

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