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Which is Better: Hard Wood VS MDF Raised Door Panels?

16 years ago

I am working on a kitchen remodel where the majority of the cabinets are Ikea lacquered-white MDF. However, because I have a heavy farmhouse sink to install, I contracted with a cabinetmaker to have the base sink unit custom-built. In claiming that his products would be "superior" to Ikea, he initially stated that the doors, rails and stiles of the unit he is building would be of solid hard wood (painted oil-based white). Now, however, he says that the raised panels for these doors will be of MDF. When I questioned the use of MDF, he asserted that, for a sink unit, this type of dual construction - wood doors with MDF raised panels would be better than all-wood construction. He also says that if I insist on solid hard wood, the price will remain the same. I'm confused! I would think solid hard wood throughout would be preferable. Please help me to understand what is going on here.


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