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American Black Cherry: Too Soft For Flooring?

15 years ago

So my wife and I came across some gorgeous American Black Cherry flooring at an incredible deal.

From my research on this wood species, it seems like most informational sites peg it as being too soft for general purpose use for flooring at a Janka of ~950. Most sites mention that it's used for fine furniture, cabinets, finish detailing, and decorative accents (when used as flooring).

I'm kind of torn on this: on the one hand, I think it is beautiful wood (I actually have a sample and it looks just as good in person), on the other hand, I'm kind of worried about the wear and durability.

One redeeming quality about this wood is that it's sold in a "folk" grade that naturally has imperfections (which my wife and I actually like). I'm thinking that since the wood has natural pits and imperfections, even if it does scuff or dent a bit, it'll kind of look natural.

I'm wondering if anyone has worked with this wood and can comment on the durability and the photosensitivity before and after photos would be great). Am I nuts for considering using such soft wood for flooring?

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