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LV wiring - connection to bare wire

12 years ago

I'll put the question to the vendor also, but I'd like a couple opinions. I am not that bright when it comes to this topic, so no answer is too simple.

I am in the process of buying some under cabinet lights. My builder had previously run wires from my basement to the base of my cabinets. No switch, so I'll control them at the fixture.

The wires from the basement are basically a brown wire with two wires inside (lamp cord?). The sales person said I could hook those up to a 24v DC power supply placed in the basement (this one: ) and then use this cable (basically a red and a white wire on one end, a connector on the other) on the other end to connect the pre-wire to the fixture.

My question is when I join the two wires should I just twist the two wires (pos-to-pos, neg-to-neg) and cover them with electical tape? Use wire caps? Do I need a junction box (hope not)? The wires would be carrying 24V DC at that point (I think).

Thanks for any insights. We have a test kit on the way. My intention is to install and connect the wires myself, and have an electrician hard wire the power supply when they are in for other work (and probably check my efforts).

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