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stripping paint from 1920's china cabinet

18 years ago

I have tried all the brands at Lowes. The piece is 6ft wide by 8 ft tall with a mirrored back. It is open fronted. There is a 6 ft run of dentil mold at the top . I had no problem with the 1 st layer of paint as it was latex...the next layers are obviously old oil as they are REALLY stuck. The piece is cherry and has unfortunately also been stained a repulsive dark "cherry" color.I plan to sand and restain a better color since I don't think I can remove all the old stain by sanding, only lighten it. Any hints as to how to get more of this paint off quicker and then do the tiny areas would be great. I tried my Dremmel tool sander attachments but they seem to "hurt" the wood though I am very careful not to press too hard. Ideas of all kinds will be welcome. Thanks

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