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How to refinish 160 year old pine floors

11 years ago

We are new owners of a 160 year old farmhouse. We have been pulling up the ugly wall-to-wall carpeting (is there any other kind?). The floors underneath are in decent shape, but have lots of issues. Some areas were painted. Some have paint splatter. Some have greasy looking spots. Colors vary from light to dark, usually dark along the walls, where the area rugs did not cover. I don't mind them looking old, but they need something.

First, how do I tell if they are heart pine or not? Areas where the edges of the boards show or where they are splintered are very red.

Second, how best can I clean up the bad parts. The floor seems a little fragile, so I want to be careful.

Third, would a tung oil finish prevent some of the splintering? I don't mind it looking old, but my family members like to run around barefoot in summer, and I wonder about their safety.

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