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Energy saving window films: experiences with blocking UV?

12 years ago

I'm trying to find a solution for the windows in our old house that will block light---or more specifically, UV rays. We *love* our giant windows, and aren't excited about putting window treatments on them (not to mention that shades or blinds would need to be custom, and thus costly). All else being equal, we would be happy to leave the windows uncovered.

But in the three years we've lived in our house, our couch has gone from navy to light gray (and more specifically, light gray on the window side and navy on the front!) We're about to replace it, but can't afford to have the new one fade as quickly. Sofa stores all say even "fade-resistant" fabric won't solve the problem---we need to address the source of the light.

Which brings me to window films, which seem primarily designed for energy efficiency---while this would be a great bonus, we are fundamentally looking for something that would block the damaging light. Some manufacturers say that their films do block UV rays...but not sure if it will really solve our problem. Would love to hear from anyone with firsthand experience on this! If you have window film, do you like it, and does it seem to block the effects of light? Thanks!

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