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New Arched window rattles! Help!

Nancy Adamopoulos
15 years ago

I cross-posted this on the building a home forum too...

We built a new house and moved in 6 months ago. In our MBR we have a very large arched fixed glass window with the mullions in between the glass. The window is an Andersen 400 series window. Ever since we moved in , we've noticed that the window rattles when we walk across the room. On further inspection it appears that the grates in between the glass is what is rattling. We brought it up to our builder who said that they couldn't do anything about it and basically it's not their issue. Recently i've noticed faint water stain under the window. I've relayed this info to the builder and am waiting to hear back from them.


(1) Could the leak be related to the window rattling?

(2) anything we can do about the window rattling

(3) Does Andersen have reps that they could send out to assess the window?



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