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Fiberglass entry doors in central Florida, Plastpro or Therma Tru

9 years ago

I'm looking to replace a 2/0x6/8 exterior door in my bathroom and a 2/8x6/8 door on the side of my garage, both outswing, and I'm also considering replacing my 3/0x6/8 inswing front entry door. I'm in Central, FL.

I've talked with a few local major window and door dealers and all of them are recommending Plastpro with ODL glass inserts and I'll be supplying my own existing lock hardware. I'm also considering multi-point lock upgrade on front door (maybe the other doors too), for which Trilennium seems to be what is being recommended.

Most of the dealers also sell Therma Tru, but again, they all seem to recommend going with Plastpro. I have not inquired why, but I will. One dealer also sells Provia, but I know this is quite a bit more expensive, and I'm not sure if it would be worth it. I'm planning to be in this house another 15 years, so I'm not looking to cheap out, but I don't need to spend money unnecessarily either.

Front door would be no glass, 4 or 6 panel, no sidelite or transom and it's going to be painted. I'm not concerned with heavy wood grains (I'm fine with 100% smooth to be honest). Garage side door will probably be flush, maybe or 4 or 6 panel, and bathroom door would be same setup but with half lite vent or glass with blinds.

So, in summary, I'm going pretty basic on the design/look of the door, it's all about getting a good reliable door for me. Is Plastpro (being recommended) good or should I really go with Therma Tru? Would spending the extra money on Provia actually be worth the investment?

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