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Anderson vs Provia French Doors

12 years ago

My neighbor swears by Provia fiberglass French Doors she put in, as well as their vinyl windows (the fiberglass windows were out of this world expensive). She is an internet maven and researches the heck out of everything and then chose an Angie's list installer, who, coincidentally, is not listed on the Provia website as a dealer.

I had never heard of Provia until this time, and was going to go "top of the line" and order Anderson Frenchwood doors from Home Depot or Lowes.

I priced out Anderson vs Provia, and the Provia is 20% more expensive.

I like the marketing Provia puts out, but can anyone lend experience is Provia really that much better?

Or is Anderson's rep just that, better and more marketing like Michelin tires?

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