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Pricing:Eagle vs Marvin Integrit Wood/Ultrex

10 years ago

Evaluating windows for a new home. Eagle came in at $27,000 but I am considering lower cost options due to being over budget. My head is starting to hurt so would appreciate helpful feedback!

I like what I have read about the Marvin Integrity Wood/Ultrex. I have not priced them yet but there is a post in this forum from May where the poster said that Integrity was at $29K while Eagle was about 50% higher at $44K! Then, I read another post where someone said that for their project, Eagle and Integrity were about the same. In both cases, I have to assume they were comparing apples-to-apples.

FWIW, I am using casement units and the majority of them are 36" x 72", some fixed and some operating.

I am open to other makes. I would like to stay with a design having wood interior such that we can stain as desired. If going to aluminum clad, I like the heavier gauge aluminum extrusion (as compared to Pella) used by Eagle or Marvin Ultimate but unfortunately neither will probably work in my budget. I am OK with fibrerglas or vinyl but we do require exterior color options other than white.

All that being said, can anyone shed some light on where the Integrity Wood/Ultrex will fall from a pricing standpoint?

Are there others I should be considering in light of my parameters?

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