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Looking for advice on re-wiring an old saw

14 years ago

I picked up an old Delta-Rockwell jigsaw from the father of a friend who was helping him move and needed to give up his shop. The saw is built like a tank and is in great shape, except the exposed wiring has me a little leery.


The saw is belt driven by a 1/3 hp motor; on the nameplate it says that it's a "GE Washing Machine" motor. One of the two motor wires is fed through a thermal protection device which is integrated into the wiring cover plate:

Then the two wires just continue from the motor to the front of the saw where there is a 2-position toggle switch mounted through a hole on the stand. The insulation on the wires looks ok, but the wires are completely exposed and just hang down under the saw. At the toggle switch, there is a 3-wire power cord that looks like it was spliced in at a later date. The ground of the power cord (the blue wire) is attached to a bolt through the frame, and the other two power cord wires are wire-nutted to the two wires from the motor:


So...I'm looking for suggestions on how to redo the wiring so it's safe. I was thinking about doing something like attaching an electrical box to the stand, putting a switch on the box and running armored cable to it from the motor, and then wire-nutting the motor wires to the power cord inside the box (and grounding it of course).

If this were your saw what would you do? Should I replace the old wiring with new? Should I replace the thermal protection device? I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks.

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