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Marvin Ultimate Wood Window costs

10 years ago

Hi, I'm new to this forum but have been using it to research some windows we are looking to have replaced. My house was built in 1914 and we have 15 windows on the main floor that are old, wooden double hungs with 9 over 1 true divided light panes. There are also old wooden storms on the outside. Most of these windows don't open and the storms are in bad shape, so we are looking at new ones. They are all custom size I'm sure since the house was built a long time ago. However, they are doing these as inserts so we can keep all of our original oak trim around the windows on the interior.

I had a contractor bring a quote today for Marvin Ultimate wood windows with clad aluminum on the outside and with the advertising discount (being an ad site for them) it came to about $20k ($25k before the ad discount). They are doing the simulated divided light with spacers on the top sash to do 9 over 1 like our existing windows. All the prices I've seen quoted here and online for Marvin windows seem much lower than this (anywhere from 500-1000 vs 1300ish for this quote), so I wanted to make sure this isn't way out of line price wise. I know nothing about windows, but these seem to be a top choice.

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