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Provia entry door options (colors, glass, steel gauge)

13 years ago

We are replacing our front door (with sidelights) and side door, and having a hard time digging out from the pile of options to choose from. We have pretty much settled on Provia Legacy.

1) We are going with black exterior. Our interior trim is Benjamin Moore Navajo White, which unfortunately is about halfway in between the two white options from Provia. Provia can supply the door/sidelights with exterior painted and on the inside only primer. Should the door be painted before it is installed? This will make for interesting logistics with the installers. Wouldn't it be a mistake to get a white that doesn't quite match our interior just to save the trouble? I don't think we'd want a totally different contrasting color on the inside, though if we could choose one it would solve the problem.

2) Provia offers its steel entry doors in 20, 22, and 24 gauge steel. We are going 20 gauge for the front door, but considering going 24 gauge for the side door to save a few bucks. Provia claims the doors are the same other than the weight of the skin. Is it stupid to chintz out after already spending a pile? It's a $400 savings, which isn't chump change, and it seems like that door won't be seen or used nearly as much as the front door.

3) We are going nuts trying to figure out what to do with the glass. One aspect is that it seems to me that with black exterior, you can't see the glass design very much, and it becomes a waste of money to get a fancy leaded glass painted black outside. But it'll presumably be visible all the time from the inside. I don't know which is more important. Any thoughts on glass style to go with black exterior?

These are my top dilemmas right now. Input appreciated!

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