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New French Door- pella architect out of my budget!

16 years ago

Let me frame this so to speak by saying that this replacement was not part of my original plan.

We tore out the carpet and vinyl in our kitchen/family combo room. The budget is only for replacing the floor.

Anyway our 20- year old house has an Atrium door that swings in. It's rotted on the side and middle. Somebody framed the door or didn't frame it and water collects at the bottom. We have tinkered with this thing long enough and it's time to dump it.

This door is in our kitchen/family space and I don't want to put down new flooring until I replace the door.

I truly wanted the fancy door with the blinds but that was 3k. The Pella architect was $2300. BTW, I have looked at Marvin, Pella and Anderson and as a consumer the Architect door felt the most solid when closing.

Could someone recommend a lower priced door to me? The one I have now is 6 feet and swings in. I am fine with going to a slider with or without the grids. I just want something energy efficient and reasonably priced.

I need a less expensive door as my labor will be on the high end. The door sill and king studs need to be replaced as well as having the door installed.

Many thanks in advance.


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