Please help with paint colors for an open floor plan!

8 years ago

New member, in desperate need of a lot of help. I am looking for your ideas/pictures for a two story entrance foyer with big pallidium window which opens to oak stairs with a burgundy/reddish runner with gold prints on it. Considering this runner and matching round rug at the entrance (and the fact that hubby likes gold colors), we are thinking of golds with red accent for colors. BM's honeymoon and citrine seem to go well above and below the chair rail going up the stairs. There are picture boxes under the chair rail and I would like some contrast in there, may a red or a darker gold/mustard in the family of the rug but have not found anything so far that looks close to the rug. Tried BM's audobon russet, rustic, etruscan, terra mauve, rust, golden retriever but it just doesnt look right yet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The entrance opens to living dining area to the left and to the right a hallway leads to the kitchen and two story family room. Living - dining is being painted olive green shades. BM's urban nature above the chair rail and aventurine under. Will post pictures of completed paint but there are two round columns in this room and I would like something different on them kind of separating living and dining. Need help with colors for the family room and kitchen too please; not sure if we need to stick with golds in here or try some other colors? Kitchen opens to the family room (pic attached).Family room will have rosewood cherry wood floors, lots of light, most likely beige reclining sectional and has recessed lighting. Lots of windows and natural light in this room. I have played with chestertown buff, shellbourne buff, desert tan and monroe bisque probably leaning toward chestertwon buff(shade of gold) but very open to ideas and accent wall suggestions?
Sorry about the long message.. posting pictures now.

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