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black hardwood can i keep them clean?

13 years ago

I am DYIN' ovah here! We have a medium stain wood (strand bamboo actually) throught most of the house, including our bedroom and the guest bedroom and office. DD just HAD to HAVE a very dark, almost black bamboo floor in her bedroom. It is "Sambuca" by Ty Pennington if anyone is familiar with that. It is NOT strand bamboo, and does show dings and scratches easily, but I knew that going in. Anyway, the smudges, footprints, dog hair and dust are UNBELIEVABLE! I could live with the dog hair and dust (I told her she is going to keep a swiffer in her closet and give the floor a once over EVERY night before bed) but these smudges and footprints are awful.

We were planning on a small area rug somewhere in her room, but now I am thinking a LARGE area rug is more like it! Besides that...any other tricks or tips for keeping a very dark floor smudge proof?

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