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Furniture painting dilemma, need your help~

14 years ago

We presently have a antique curly maple twin size bed that we used when we raised our first grandson - who is graduating this year!! Wow! Anyhow, the bed has been in storage in our attic for several years, with the hope that our daughter could use it for our second grandson, who will soon be 2. She loves the bed, but has purchased all white bedroom furniture, (crib, dresser, rocker, bench, etc.), and now wants me to paint the antique bed to match. Although I know my DH will have a hissy fit to see this unique type of wood painted. However, we have been saving it for her, to use for grandson #2. I feel that once you "give" someone an item, it's theirs and they can do whatever they wish with it. Problem is, she wants ME to paint it, because she knows I know how to do this well.

I already told her that I'd have to do it at her house, not ours, because of DH. They have a shop and plenty of room for me to do it. I need your recommendations on a Sherwin Williams white color that would look well with the rest of her furniture. We're aiming for a soft white. What would you suggest. It can't be BM, but I have two SW stores close by.

The bed I'm considering is the one on the left, that looks honey colored.

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