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Service size Bulldog Pushmatic with 2 main disconects

The electrician I am working (as a sub contractor) for is going to work with me (pulling the meter) changing a main panel out in my grandma's basement. I'm having a hard time figuring out the service size. The feeder coming into it may be older than the panel itself for it is a cloth like wire coming through a 2" conduit. The panel currently has 2 sepearate sets of busbars with a 100 amp breaker at the top of each one. Potentially 200 amps of 240 volt power could be used without tripping the main. I just can't figure out the wire size for it seems bigger than a #2 or 4 but not sure if it could really be 2/0. Were these panels used in 100 amp services? Or was it the old way of doing a 200 amp service? The conductors have kinf of a dark metal look not like copper or aluminum, could it be some sort of cladded wire? I was thinking if it is aluminum, maybe it is just 100 amp oversized for aluminum. I know if I looked at it again with a scrap of wire I could figure it out but figured this may be a common set up that other electricians on here would know what size it is. Just thought it would be odd if it is 100 amp because there are basically 2 100 amp services within the panel.

The house was built near the 1930's, pushmatic put in when the bulldog panels were big. There is a 1" conduit to an old stair well 40 amp sub panel that has very similar cloth like insulation on the wire just as the current feeder into the main panel has.

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