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Does a MWBC Count as 1 or 2 Added Circuits on Permit?

Tom Pultz
12 years ago

As I work my way through all the wiring changes I'm doing I've decided to add several shared neutral multi-wire branch circuits (MWBCs), e.g., replace old 12/2 and 14/2 dishwasher and disposal circuits with one 12/3 MWBC.

The online permitting process just asks how many circuits are being added or changed and asks for a description of same... so does a MWBC count as 1 or 2 new circuits? I can see it being counted as 2 circuits since electrically they are on seperate hot busses... but since I'm only stringing one set of main 12/3 wires that will be hooked to the same 2-pole breaker with one neutral and one ground I don't really see why I should pay double the price for one additional wire.

Can anyone clarify what the standard practice is for MWBCs and permits? Thanks.

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