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Double Hung versus Casement..Marvin Integrity?

The bumping of the SH versus DH thread has me wondering now....

How big of a difference is the air infiltration between casement and double hung in a high quality brand like Marvin for example? All my research up to this point has pointed to double hung being the window equivalent of a door left half open..are they that bad a choice for an airtight house? Everything I'm seeing about Marvin Integrity windows lead me to the fact that while they are a really well built window, they aren't even close to being airtight to start with.

That being said, and the fact that they are the nicest window I seem able to get for my upcoming build (highly recommended vinyl brands that appeal to me aren't available), Is it worth it in the window experts opinions to go casement over their double hung for AI reasons? Double hung appeals as much if not more due to the easy cleaning reasons brought up in the previous thread. But we're also building a pretty high efficiency home in the relatively mild climate of portland oregon, and if I'm going to negate any high efficiency construction we're paying for in the rest of the home with operating DH windows anywhere we have an operating window...well c'est la vie, we'll bite the bullet and do casement anywhere we can.

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