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Another ? about curtain length...

14 years ago

Is it acceptable to have curtains that fall 5-6" above the floor for a picture window?

Here's some background info...

I posted the other day about full-length curtains in my son's room. I was going to go with full-length, but then realized that my curtains aren't long enough and I don't want to start adding length, etc. So... My plan is to go just below the window sills. I went ahead and hung the curtains BEFORE I hemmed them so that I could measure/pin them while they were hanging. Now I'm wondering if they need to be hemmed at all.

There is a baseboard heater vent that runs the length of the room and is about 5" high from the floor. The curtains, as they are before being hemmed, hang just barely over it. So not to the floor, but 5 or 6" above. It seems to look ok to me, but I'm not experienced at this and I want to do it right. Is it all or nothing when it comes to length? Any guidance would be much appreciated!!


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