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Pella Impervia vs. Marvin integrity patio slider?

15 years ago

the saga continues...we've decided to get fiberglass for durability's sake, and since we've decided not to pay up for the Milgard WoodClad (it would be more than double, and not as good U-value, actually--the Milgard is .34, the Pella Impervia is U of .27--the Integrity has .29). What I'm wondering is in terms of function: I know Pella is known for problems in other lines (aluminum clad, for example), but have people had problems with the Impervia fiberglass line specifically? Which one has the better sliding mechanism?

We'd be limited in colors, to brown to match the outside (wouldn't be that bad) vs. having a paintable wood surface on the inside of the Marvin Integrity. Upside of brown is that it wouldn't ever need repainting, but downside is that, well, we couldn't change it.

We could go ahead and say we'll be sticking with brown all the way through our future window changeouts (we've got the dark bronze aluminum which I don't mind at all, actually, and I could see sticking with dark bronze fiberglass with our color combinations), or we could say we'll go with fir somehow...but we could never get the pine to really look like fir, if we went with the Marvin Integrity anyway, could we?

Thanks for any inclinations one way or another. The Pella looks to be a *bit* less expensive than the Marvin Integrity, fwiw, and can upgrade to a satin nickel handle vs. the UGLY Integrity handles available on the regular (non French door) slider...I don't want the French door because the slimmer line goes much better with our house.

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