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May I see your silk floral arrangements? Eucalyptus?

11 years ago

For some reason I'm on a Eucalyptus & silk Orchid kick. With Winter coming I'm ready for a new floral arrangement. I've always been drawn to Orchids but don't know how to arrange them.

Same with Eucalyptus. Do I want the E. alone in a vase or mixed with other florals? Should E. alone be in a large vase, like a floor vase?

I'd love to see the silk arrangements you all have to give me ideas. Any floral/dried stems, etc. is fine.

Oh, I kind of like the one orchid idea in an orchid vase, but can't find any pictures when I need them! I know I've seen pictures here of the single orchid.

I received a vase for my bday and I want to put the perfect arrangement in it.

Les, I expect you to chime in on this if you're around!

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