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New Construction Vs. Retrofit Questions

11 years ago

We're preparing to start adding interior wood casing to our windows. We were planning to take out the drywall returns and replace them with wood. Our house has aluminum windows and is about 20 years old. Due to a tight budget , we hadn't considered replacing windows at this time.

Last night our son hit a golf ball through one of our windows. A glass company quoted us $189 to come out and replace the dual pane glass. For about double that price, they could replace the entire window with a retrofit. After doing a little research I learned that retrofit windows reduce the amount of glass. Our windows are already quite narrow so I'm not sure retrofit windows would be a good option for us. How much glass would be lost?

If we replace with new construction windows, we would do the labor ourselves. Would the cost then be similar to the retrofit windows of similar quality? Our house has stucco exterior that needs to be repainted anyway. We had planned to add wood trim around the exterior of the windows. Would a 3" wood trim cover the area damaged by installing new construction windows so we wouldn't have to worry about matching the stucco texture perfectly?

If we install new construction windows, am I right that it would be silly not to replace the windows before installing new interior trim?

It's amazing how one project always seems to lead to another...

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