New bedding idea to bounce off you guys & Linen Source quality?

11 years ago

I've been working on trying to pull my bedroom together for many months.

Buying this bed in Oct. and think we're going to get the antique bronze finish, not shown. For those who followed that post - figured the subtle gold highlights will tie in good with the brass hardware and tall lamp on long dresser.


I was going to use this bedding that Nanny2a made and was nice enough to send me when she redid her room. I feel it's too solid as the main cover. Also worried about the (3) kitty's nails snagging so I was going to use it only at the end of the bed. There are two pull threads and I haven't even USED it on the bed yet. I really like it but I wanted to have layered bedding and am having a heck of a time trying to make everything coordinate.

These were very poor mock ups but you can see the red bedding.



I'm considering using the bedding in the spare room and have been on a search to see to find "washable" bedding I like. Looking at photos of bedding that appeals to me, I've discovered I really enjoy the mix of plaids/checks/hounds tooth, etc.fabrics. Found this from Linen source, am in love with it and it's WASHABLE, yay. :)

Notice it's on a pretty iron bed too.


IMO, lots of pillows help make the luscious look of the photo but in reality, it's too many for our bed. I was considering buying everything you see but only three decorative pillows - the black/white check and the square red accent pillow. Also would probably buy a solid cover from somewhere else. We'd also have our solid color sleeping pillows on the bed in white or cream to match the sheets. So basically 5 pillows total.

Does anyone know how their quality is? What I'm looking at totals $300 some and that's assuming they're running free shipping. For me, that's expensive bedding. I haven't found anything else I like. I don't think I want to have bedding custom made and I really need it to be washable.

I'd have to reevaluate potential paint colors and get different curtains. I was going to use a bamboo roman on the window, buy a thicker rod, raise it and use stationary panels. Maybe white or cream sheer? Maybe a black and white check but I haven't been able to find any online. Maybe even red.

There are better zoom in shots on the site. It won't allow me to save those photos.

Any thoughts on this or know anything about Linen Source? Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: to zoom in

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