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Need advice on stained glass feasibility

10 years ago

Here's a shout-out to all the stained glass experts on this board. I've got a house that is being brought down to its studs (fire damage). The living room has a south-facing wall with cathedral ceilings. I have always wanted to put stained glass on this wall between the door and the ceiling. But thinking about this and looking at the wall, you can see from the picture below that the door is off center from the center ceiling beam. I am concerned that putting stained glass on this wall will only accentuate the off-centeredness (hey, the house was built in 1931). Do you agree? Maybe I should leave well enough alone?

If you could envision putting stained on this wall, what would it be? What shape? What dimensions? Where to place it on the wall? It's a tricky gothic design challenge with peculiarities.

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