Plantation shutter panic! What do I do?

13 years ago

We went with an outside mount so I could still have the tilt-in feature of the windows. To make it look a little nicer, we decided to also use a sill cap (which meant I had to go with Norman instead of the original choice of Hunter Douglas, who doesn't have sill caps).

They were going to be installed today until we hit upon 2 problems. One, the wrong height pieces were sent, which means a re-order, but also means I have a little time to decide about the second "panic" problem. The sill cover doesn't fit flush against the wall. Turns out we have a "fancy" sill that sticks out too much.

The installer removed the bottom trim piece of the sill, which helped some. But we are left with a 3/8" gap between the sill cover and the wall.

These are the choices:

1. cut the sill

2. caulk the crack

3. remove the sill completely and install a "plain" sill

The installer said if it were his house, he'd cut the sill because nobody would see it. My concern was "what if" we decide to remove the shutters 15-20 years from now, then what??


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