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Centered hinged French or sliding doors

11 years ago

I'm replacing my old leaky patio slider. I'm deciding between a new patio slider and a center hinged french door that is stationary on one side and opens inward on the operable side. An outward opening door will not work in my situation. I have plenty of room inside the house to accommodate the inward swing.

Will a center hinged french door unit be warmer in the winter or will a new slider be warmer.

It also is my understanding that as weather stripping ages, it's easier to replace a swinging door's weatherstripping than it is to replace a slider's weatherstripping. Has anyone had experience with replacing weatherstripping on a slider, especially the top and bottom of the door?

I also want a wood unit with aluminum cladding on the outside. Marvin's are a bit out of my reach, can anyone recommend something a little more affordable yet of lasting quality?

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