Do I need to repair some rot in the sill when getting replacement

14 years ago


I have been getting some quotes on vinyl replacement windows and have a question.

Right now we have windows plus storm windows. There is some rot on the sills between the storm and the regular windows. After the storms are removed and the vinyl windows installed, any newly exposed wood will be capped in aluminum. The exterior trim and sill are already capped.

Is it necessary to replace the entire sill in this situation? Any rot will be under the new vinyl window and never see the light of day again. The new window would not be in contact with any of the rot.

I had one contractor say that it did not matter, that it would be covered up. I also had one that said that he would have to replace the entire sill and would cost an extra $150 per sill.

I don't know much about this kind of stuff but it doesn't seem like it should matter too much. The new window would be resting on good wood only. The sill doesn't seem like it's a structural element anyway. Any rot would be hidden forever.

What do you guys think? Thanks,


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